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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Emberwind Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment has posted a new review of TimeTrap's Emberwind. Described as an original fantasy platform game for Mac and PC, the game challenges players to free the city of Grendale from the evil CandleFinger. gave Emberwind a score of 79%

From the review:

It's rarely about the detail, instead settling into a compelling rhythm of button-mashing attacks and heady exploration. Things start off slowly, but the intensity quickly ramps up, and before you know it you'll be surrounded by an abundance of Gremlins, all hacking and blocking and bomb-throwing for the greater evil. Soup Troops whack you round the head with a ladle, while Scouts prod you with tridents; Bandits hurl explosives and Bouncers stomp around with spike-encrusted planks of wood. Boss fights are particularly intriguing, functioning as a sort of health bar tug-of-war. Land a strike, and the dual health bar sways in your favour. Get struck yourself and it reverses. It's a clever move, a tidy and functional addition to a well-covered formula, one that shakes things up without leaving Emberwind's mechanics feeling unfamiliar.

Exploration works particularly well. This might be a straight-forward side-scrolling affair, but liberating Emberwind's locales still requires a bit of directional sense. Many of the citizens' abodes, in which you must light a fire to extinguish all nearby enemy threat, can be stumbled upon by simply running from left to right. Others are more elusive. Different routes begin to emerge, and you'll need to do a hefty amount of backtracking, jumping, climbing and general experimentation before you find the lot, particularly in later levels. Secret areas are prevalent, too, discovered by smashing down crumbling walls and delving into deep caves below.

But it is in the delightful simplicity of the combat that Emberwind really excels. There's only a single action button - tied to the space bar - yet it can be used in a variety of different ways. Hit it once for a standard thwack. Hit it repeatedly for a speedy combo move. Hit it while running and you'll roll up into a ball, powering through any foes in your path. Hit it while enemies are afar and you'll hurl an acorn at them. It becomes a case of contextual button-mashing, rather than an undesirable case of arbitrary, finger-wearying tedium. New attack moves are learned from magical books that hover around the game world. Unlock the lot, and you'll be an unstoppable Gremlin-mowing machine.
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