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Tuesday, January 9, 2001
MWSF: MacSoft news, MOO3 coming!
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Our report from the show floor continues with news from MacSoft, one of the oldest and most successful Mac games publishers. They were showing Driver and Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear of course, as well as the Hasbro updating of Pong and Monopoly Casino.

They also had a new title to announce: MacSoft will be publishing the Mac OS version of Master of Orion III, a much-anticipated sequel to this space exploration and conquest series. While a Mac OS version of this game has been considered a good possibility for quite some time, this is confirmation of its existence, and good news for strategy gamers. MOO3 itself isn't due until very late this year.

MacSoft also released figures on sales, claiming a 30% increase and (according to their data) capturing 1/3 of all Mac game sales, a strong justification to their move to publish more mainstream and casual gaming titles. Releases such as Monopoly, Jeopardy and Risk II have wide appeal and low porting cost, and obviously this is paying off for MacSoft.

Future titles to be published include Pong and Centipede, 3D updates of the Atari classics; both should be out within a month or two. Stay tuned to IMG for more news from the show floor!

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