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Monday, January 8, 2001
Crazy Car Championship... For Mac?
9:57 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Synaptic Soup has announced their first game, Crazy Car Championship. The game will be powered by their new multi-platform engine Cipher, which also runs on the Mac OS. Players will be able to choose from nine different characters, a variety of card, 18 powerups, cross-platform LAN and Online multiplayer games.

We spoke to Synpatic Soup's Development Director Vince Farquharson to find out if a Mac version was in the cards. He told us that due to the nature of Cipher's multi-platform engine, they can make a Mac version quickly. The main decision here will take place in the hands of the publishers and what they want. Currently Farquharson is talking to different publishers and there is no final decision as of yet. Cipher originally took 3 days to port a running version onto MacOS; this is a great example of Cipher's portability.

Here are details on the game:

Crazy Car Championship sees players building spectacular hybrid vehicles from weird and wonderful components in a driving game that has been described as “Jules Verne meets Flash Gordon in The Cannon Ball Run”. Races take place upon a series of flying islands and the game sees everything from steam-powered hovercrafts to quantum powered hot-rods competing in a no holds barred power-up-fest where frenetic gameplay and stunning scenery vie for the players attention.

Crazy Car Championship is the first game to use Synaptic Soup’s multi-format Cipher engine and is set to deliver sumptuous graphics, high frame rates and lightning-fast LAN and Internet play.

The game has been built from the ground up for Internet support and will feature easily accessible cross-platform, high speed, multiplayer gaming, as well as a superior single player experience.

Vince Farquharson, Development Director for Synaptic Soup commented “Crazy Car Championship exemplifies the kind of high tech, high impact titles that we want to bring to gamers. It’s pure escapist gameplay in a snazzy set of pants and that’s pretty much what we’re about. “

Karl Wickens, Art Director for Synaptic Soup commented ”Part of Synaptic Soup’s mission is to create visually arresting and technically stunning games. The power of the Cipher engine has allowed the art team unprecedented flexibility to create the kind of no compromise graphics we’ve been striving for in recent years. We’re all very excited by the possibilities that Cipher has opened up for us.”

Synaptic Soup promises a lot of fun with Crazy Car Championship. If you wish to know more about the team behind the game, check out our interview.

IMG Synaptic Soup Interview
Synaptic Soup

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