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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Diablo III: Glorious Violence, Creature Design, Player Duels
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GamesRadar has posted a new preview based on time spent with a demo version of Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming return to the popular action RPG franchise. The preview also includes comments from Blizzard's Jay Wilson.

The bleed effect is just ridiculous. Awesome in its spectacle, brilliant in its execution. It works like this: Diablo IIIs monk class plays as if hes stepped out of God of War, or any other console brawler. If he chains three punches in quick succession, he can set up a finishing move. One is a flashy flurry of strikes like something from the Pokemon cartoons zipping through the air and hitting everything in range. You could finish your flurry with one epically violent slap knocking your target backwards with full force through the scenery.

As one demon dies, another rushes in to take his place its Whack-a-Mole played with two mouse buttons and a warrior of unholy fury. Every creature gets a slap, a tickle and a stomp. Unless you want to be really, really clever, which is where the bleed effect comes in. Use this attack, and as a creature bleeds, it takes damage, its health bar ticking away to nothing. And if they die with the bleed still effective, they explode. The destruction is vicious, hilarious a tsunami of gore. If you set two, maybe three bleeds running, you can time a chain reaction. Bubble Bobble, played with bile and bones. Diablo III is already gloriously, stupidly violent. Its already brilliant. But it wont be out until at least 2011.

Is it Jays thing, then, to obsess over the effects of violence? Yes, he replies. Its something very close to my heart. When something happens, I want to feel it, I want to see it, and I want it to be awesome. And if its not awesome, were going to keep on working on it until it is awesome.

As he talks, he becomes more animated the excitement rising. Thats something I think Diablo and Diablo II did so well. If you play Diablo II again, do me a favour and go and start a sorceress. Go ahead and hit a Fallen on the head with a staff. Its the greatest sound in the world! Its a thonk, right in the side of his head. Its so good. We focus on that constantly. If its not right, I give people no end of grief.
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Archives  News  Diablo III: Glorious Violence, Creature Design, Player Duels