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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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DOFUS 1.28 Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Version 1.28 of Ankama's online game DOFUS, is now available. The update features a variety of new content for the Flash based fantasy MMO including new alignment quests, adjusted initiative calculations, Sacrier spell changes to improve PvP, and changes to pet evolution.

DOFUS version 1.28 will continue to advance alignment quests. These missions, entrusted by Amayiro, the Bontarian weaponry master or by Oto Mustam, head of the Brakmarian militia, will give the rank and file the chance to prove their devotion to the cities. To enable the bravest of them (those who finished the 50 previously available alignment quests) to defend their city’s colours, 10 new quests have been included in the game.

Three new specializations are now offered to Bontarian players:
- Knight of Hope
- Follower of Writing
- Renegade Hunter

And Brakmarian players:
- Knight of Despair
- Follower of Pain
- Soul Hunter

The calculation of Initiative (the characteristic which determines the order in which monsters and players will fight) is now based on: the number of points invested in the Strength, Luck, Intelligence and Agility characteristics (1 Initiative point per point invested), the percentage of remaining health points, their equipment and any Initiative bonuses given by equipment or edible items.

To increase the tactical aspect of PvP (player versus player) fights and also to stabilize the PvM (Player versus monster) side of the game, several Sacrier spells have been modified:
- The power of ‘Punishment’ has been reduced.
- Bonuses no longer disappear after monsters have been eliminated.
- The scope of movement spells (Cooperation and Transposition) has been reduced.

The number of creatures that some soul devouring pets need to eat has been reduced to help them evolve quicker. In addition, all pets now have a maximum of 10 health points.

All these changes aim to balance classes and combat to make DOFUS even more tactical while improving the existing game.
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DOFUS 1.28
Ankama Studio

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