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Friday, July 3, 2009

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Spore Galactic Adventures Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

The New York Times Online has published a new review of Spore Galactic Adventures. The expansion for Will Wright's evolution sim offers players the ability to beam down to planets, an equipment editor, and an Adventure Creator that will give gamers the chance to create their own missions and share them with others.

From the review:

In the original Spore the final phase entailed little more than flying around an abstraction of the Milky Way, shooting at spaceships that represented various alien incursions. Galactic Adventures is meant to provide myriad, uh, adventures throughout the galaxy that give meaning to why you’re warping around all the time. The player creates an avatar, called a captain, which improves its various attributes by completing quests. The more quests you finish, the more powerful you become, in true role-playing style.

The strength of Galactic Adventures is in the rich pool of tools it gives players to create their own scenarios. The basic visual style is goofy and kid friendly, but there is nothing stopping you from creating an evocation of the infernal regions. Players can shape the landscape and place buildings and creatures.

For every creature the player can set up a hierarchy of behaviors like “mind your own business, but once a hostile creature gets close, make defending the nest your prime objective.” Galactic Adventures’ strongest suit is how easily it explains how to create such behaviors and environments.

The problem is that Electronic Arts itself does so little with these prodigious tools. It is almost as if the company were waiting for its customers to create the game for it.

Most of the levels included with the game are almost embarrassingly mundane: kill the enemies, defend the base from attackers, escort some dude from here to there, collect an arbitrary number of doodads, race the course as fast as you can. By contrast LittleBigPlanet also revolves around allowing players to create their own content, but its maker, Media Molecule, set an incredibly high bar in demonstrating what its own tools were capable of.
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