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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Plants Vs. Zombies Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gameplay Monthly has published a new review of Plants Vs. Zombies, a recent PopCap Games entry in the casual games market. The tower defense title challenges players to make use of a variety of plants to defend their home, and their brain, from a horde of hungry zombies. Gameplay Monthly gave the game a letter grade of B+.

From the review:

Plants vs. Zombies is the latest game from Popcap games, and it entails fighting off hordes of zombies with your army of plants. Itís essentially a tower defense game in which you construct an army of plants to help fight off the zombie invasion. Popcap is known for their past casual games, and Plants vs. Zombies is no different. Itís a rather easy game, and you can plow through the main game in a few sittings, but it does offer some additional modes and mini-games for those looking for more zombie killing action.
The game is more on the humorous side, and it might be the cutest zombie game ever created. I can say that I was confounded by the initial offering, and the game did keep me playing all the way to the end, but the main game is over before you know it, and even though Popcap claims that there are 50 levels in the game, you will rip through them incredibly fast. The touted 50 levels becomes more of a pretense since a slew of mini-games are included as levels. Despite the casual game style, I was able to discern a little bit of reverence for Popcap, since they made such a fun and unique game.
The gameplay style changes from level to level. Some will be standard tower defense levels, others will have unlimited resources and be governed by a conveyor belt that drops off plants you need to place, and others will consist of mini-games like whack-a-mole that will test your reflexes and speed things up a bit.
To read the full review click over to the page linked below.

Gameplay Monthly: Plants Vs. Zombies Review
Plants Vs. Zombies
PopCap Games

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