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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Wandering Willows Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

GamersInfo has posted a new review of Wandering Willows, a casual RPG from PlayFirst. In the game players take the role of a baloonist stranded on an island filled with colorful characters and creatures. Repairing the balloon and returning home requires making friends with the inhabitants of the island. GamersInfo described Wandering Willows as "cute, quirky, and surprisingly long for a casual game."

From the review:

The controls are straightforward. Point and click to direct your character (and/or your little animal buddy) around the island. You can either move about freely on the main screen or select a faraway part of the island to travel to with the help of a small world map. If you select a person or place on the world map, your character automatically walks from where you are currently to the selected spot, unless you see something or someone you would like to interact with instead.

You get to find and collect a wide variety foods, natural materials, sewing supplies, flowers, recipes, critters and much, much more. You spend your time exploring, gathering, growing, sewing, cooking and even soldering. In order to sew a costume, you first need to find a pattern, gather the required materials (by growing cotton, gathering dye, saving some money and purchasing thread), then you actually get to make the desired item. The process is similar for recipes and floral arrangements. When you are out and about gathering items, you and your little animal companion come across other animals. There are all kinds of creatures that you can charm to drop items. If you are lucky, they drop an egg that you can use to hatch a controllable companion animal. Each animal has different attributes some are great at climbing trees, while others are better off digging or charming other animals. Luckily you can train any of them to improve their skills and equip them with items that boost their attributes. For those of you who are achievement happy, you can earn medals for things like finding every recipe in the game, or collecting one of each and every animal species.
Read the full review at the link listed below. Wandering Willows Review
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