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Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Apple Games Features The Sims 3
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games' latest feature article examines The Sims 3, the recently released continuation of the popular life sim series. The game adds customizable personalities, goal oriented gameplay, movie creation and editing, and an online community. Apple's article includes commentary from lead designer Ben Bell, a list of the new features in the game, tips and tricks for success, and an explanation of why the game is considered a prequel to the original Sims.

Bell’s team also overhauled what was happening below the surface by developing moodlets that represent a Sim’s long- and short-term moods, exploring the “nature vs. nurture” aspect of genetic traits, and giving the digital characters new artificial intelligence (AI). In a departure from previous games, each adult Sim has five personality traits, along with a lifetime wish, all of which drives their behavior. (Similar factors influence the characters found in The Sims 3 for iPhone/iPod touch.)

At that moment, a good example of those three concepts enters the park: the Alto family, which is currently locked in a struggle with the Landgraab and Goth families for control of Sunset Valley. Nick Alto, the father, wishes to become Leader of the Free World in his lifetime and counts evil desires and hot-headedness among his personality traits. He has to start somewhere, so he’s participating in the upcoming Sunset Valley mayoral election — he’s in the park glad-handing potential supporters. Unfortunately, his tendency to be a slob and engage in inappropriate behavior turns off more than a few people, which ignites his temper.
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