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Monday, May 11, 2009
Cocoa Touch: Graveyard Marbles Released, Game Updates
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Cocoa Touch Games has announced the release of its seventh iPhone game title, Graveyard Marbles, on Apple's App Store. The goal in the game is to twist and rotate as many of the black skulls around the graveyard and into the grave within 60 seconds. As players clear off one level of skulls, more appear, and the graveyard starts to generate impassable obstacles such as dead trees and tombstones. Success also requires keeping the white skull from falling into the grave. Orange- and blue-eyed "bonus" skulls provide additional time and score.

The developer has also announced updates for five of its other iPhone games, introducing a variety of changes and additions including new game levels, updated physics, new levels of difficulty, and OpenFeint networking for some of the titles.

Graveyard Marbles was based on our popular game Garden Marbles and incorporates the widely reviewed OpenFeint social platform, along with improved physics, a new scoring algorithm, and updated gameplay. The producer, creative director and programmer for Graveyard Marbles was David Janik-Jones. The superbly atmospheric graphics were created, and generously made available to game designers, by Daniel Cook of

Your score in Graveyard Marbles is determined by how many cleared levels of black skulls you've tipped into the grave before your time runs out. At the end of game your score is saved locally, but can also be submitted to the Graveyard Marbles online server (WiFi or cellular connection required) where your score will be added to the ranks of other players around the world. You can review your own scores and those of the top 100 players around the world with the click of a button.

Cocoa Touch Games is also pleased to announce major updates to our other five games available in the App Store. The popular OpenFeint social platform has been added to an additional four of our game titles: Cloud Girls, Bug Bounce, Garden Marbles and Dessert Dilemma. We’ve added Flurry mobile analytics to all our games to better all us to understand how players use our games and to make improvements more efficiently. An the individual games have also been improved as follows:

Cloud Girls now includes five difficulty levels and scoring multipliers based on difficulty, additional play levels, updated physics and coding, and a new online high score server. We lowered the Garden Marbles pricing to $1.99, improved the game’s physics and collisions, updated the online high score server and code. Dessert Dilemma has had some puzzles tweaked to make them easier. The popular Bug Bounce has had the physics and scoring code updated. Finally, our game of identifying archaic words, Dead Words has had some final spelling errors fixed, and we’ve improved some graphics and coding.
Graveyard Marbles is available now through the iPhone App Store and iTunes for $1.99. Check out the links below for more information.

iPhone App Store: Graveyard Marbles
Graveyard Marbles
Cocoa Touch Games

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