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Friday, May 8, 2009
Apple Games Features CSI: NY
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games has posted a new feature examining CSI: NY, the latest game based on the popular CSI franchise. Published by Ubisoft the game allows players to enter the world of CSI: NY, experience original cases written by CSI writers, and solve mysteries alongside favorite characters from the hit TV crime show. Apple's article includes an overview of the game's features and list of tips and tricks for success.

“We’ll need all the king’s men on this Humpty Dumpty,” detective Taylor remarks after you snap photos of the first victim, a young man found dead on the ground near the Empire State Building. The scene follows the same routine as each subsequent scene involving a victim or a witness: scan the objects that fade in along the bottom of the screen and click on them in the environment. Some are key pieces of evidence, while others begin a mini-game or can only be clicked after you complete a mini-game.

The mini-games present a variety of challenges that mimic a detective’s deductive skills. For example, a combination lock must be solved by assembling images in a logical sequence, or a computer simulation must be completed by figuring out the height the jumper leapt from, along with the speed he was traveling at the time.

“Lethal dose of gravity meets pavement,” observes detective Flack as you discuss the crime scene with him. You can click underlined words in his dialogue to explore topics in more depth, as well as show him pieces of evidence to hear what he thinks of them.
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Apple Games: CSI NY

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