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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Fallout Retrospective Features Developer Commentary
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Good Old Games has released a new retrospective article on the classic post apocalyptic RPG, Fallout. In addition to describing the gameplay and storyline which made the game a hit with fans, the article also features commentary from designers Tim Cain and Chris Taylor.

For a project as ambitious as Fallout, accidental vagueness is often a best-case scenario. The designers were often plagued by pre- and post-release flaws, many of which were quite humorous to behold.

"The first time I shot the rocket launcher, I used the wrong art for the missile," explains Cain, "and instead of a rocket shooting out and exploding, a man appeared in front of me, ran to my target, and blew up into tiny pieces. We laughed so much that I replaced the man with a dog so we had a puppy launcher."

Chris Taylor was eager to submit another Cain-induced folly. "Tim Cain implemented doors and was excited to show them off. We all gathered around his desk and he clicked on the door. It opened, then it closed, then it opened and then it closed and so on. Each time it opened and closed, it moved a few pixels to the right. Eventually, it moved off the screen and into random memory where it crashed the game."

"I imagine itís still out there in the wasteland somewhere, headed up to the North Pole," Cain chimes in with a laugh.

"I have to admit that the quotes file was a guilty pleasure," continues Cain. "I would jot down comments from my co-workers during meetings or from conversations as I passed them in the hallways, and anything that sounded funny out-of-context would go into the file. Some of my guys were a bit over-represented in that file, but I think they just used ambiguous pronouns a bit too often for their own good."
To view the entire article follow the link below.

Good Old Games: Fallout Retrospective

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