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Friday, April 17, 2009
VP Announces Pipemania, X3: Terran Conflict, Majesty 2
1:03 PM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

Virtual Programming has announced three more titles planned for release in 2009. The first, Pipemania, is a quick paced puzzle title which builds on the time based pipe connection of the original with new play mechanics, pipe pieces, and expanded game modes.


Pipe Mania builds on the infectious playability of the original with expanded game modes, new themes, new play mechanics and new pieces to challenge players of all types and ages. Pipemania makes the move to the Mac, with versions already released on PC, PSP, PS2 and NDS.

Alfonso Senior, having made his fortune from the original Pipe Mania has retired to his own private island paradise. There’s just one problem! The island is being ruined by cowboy plumbers. The BIGGEST of them all: Buffalo Bonzo is wreaking havoc all over the island. Playing as Alfonso’s children, Junior and Fawcett, it’s up to you to take over the family business and save the island from pollution.

Pipe Mania is a frenetic, addictive, puzzle game, accessible to all ages young and old. It requires quick thinking, hand-eye co-ordination and keen spatial awareness.
The second announced title is X3: Terran Conflict, the conclusion to the sci-fi space action series. Terran Conflict will feature a larger universe, the new Terran faction, and more than 100 new spaceships.

X3: Terran Conflict

It is the year 2938. The long wished-for encounter of the X Universe and the Earth holds both joy and sorrow for the people. Despite flourishing trade, the clash of the diverse races, cultures and life forms creates new tensions, mistrust and open conflict that need to be overcome!

Experience the brilliant climax of the legendary X-Trilogy , and take your place in the history of the X Universe.

• Largest X Universe ever.
• New faction: the Terrans – inhabitants of the Earth.
• More jobs and non-linear missions than ever before.
• More than 100 new spaceships, new ship classes and weapon systems.
• Re-designed user interface for comfortable control by mouse, keyboard and joystick.
• New group management tool.
• Large battleships can be boarded by an outside team.
The final game to be announced is Majesty 2, the sequel to Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim a unique melding of sim and strategy mechanices. M2 will feature a 16 mission campaign, several quick missions, and the chance to play with up to 4 others on a variety of multiplayer maps.

Majesty 2:

In the world of Majesty, you are the ruler of the kingdom of Ardania. At your service are your loyal and somewhat obnoxious subordinates, who have their own minds about how things should be done. Majesty is the only game where your heroes decide on their own what
should be done and when, leaving you to try to control them through monetary incentives.

Features in Majesty2:
• Real-time strategy game with indirect control - your heroes have a will of their own.
• Play through a campaign with 16 missions divided into 4 chapters, as well as a few quick missions and a variety of multiplayer maps.
• Build the fantasy city of your dreams and experience an engaging world, but beware: monsters are waiting to lay siege to your domain.
• Defend your realm with noble warriors, spell-wielding wizards or wild barbarians. Choose from more than 10 different classes to oversee the protection of your lands.
• GameSpy multiplayer for up to 4 players over LAN or Internet, including support for ranking ladders and tournaments.
• The official sequel to the best-selling game "Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim" of 2000.
More information about the games can be found at the links below. Keep an eye on IMG for updates on the status of the Mac versions.

X3: Terran Conflict
Majesty 2
Virtual Programming

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Archives  News  VP Announces Pipemania, X3: Terran Conflict, Majesty 2