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Thursday, April 9, 2009
Apple Games Features Prince Of Persia
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

Apple Games's latest feature article examines Prince of Persia, the latest game iteration to be inspired by the 1989 original. In this version players take the role a new prince who must use his special gifts to assist the Princess Elika in her efforts to heal the lands. Apple Games' article takes the form of an interview with creative director Francois Emery, and includes sidebars detailing the game world's history, the prince's powers, and tips and tricks for success.

To reach that final act, you’ll find yourself jumping, swinging, running, and fighting your way through the lands overwhelmed by Corruption. Some of the Prince’s physical abilities are new to this game, including sliding down slopes, using his gauntlet as a grip while quickly descending walls, and roof- and wall-running. “We wanted to offer a more action-oriented experience that’s focused on the impressive acrobatics you must perform to reach your goal,” Emery explains.

Elika’s skills are comparable to the Prince’s, but she brings with her several magical abilities, including extending the Prince’s jumps, teleporting the pair between healed lands, and saving the Prince any time he’s about to fall to his doom or lose a fight. That last ability means it’s impossible to die in the game, but rescuing the Prince from a fall means he must start the current series of obstacles from the beginning, while protecting him during a fight gives the enemy a chance to regain some of its lost health.

“We wanted to enhance Ahriman’s presence with strong enemies, rather than multiple ones,” Emery relates. “You’re not overwhelmed but rather must go head-to-head with the evil source of power in the world. Those duels also serve as a direct link to the original Prince of Persia, in which you were fighting guards one at a time.”
Read the full article at the page linked below.

Apple Games: Prince of Persia
Prince Of Persia

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