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Friday, March 20, 2009
Wandering Willows Casual RPG Coming March 24
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

PlayFirst has officially announced the release dates for Wandering Willows, its upcoming new adventure role playing game tailored to the casual gaming market. PlayFirst PlayPass members can exclusively access the game for both Mac and PC now and the title will be widely available on Tuesday, March 24. 

Wandering Willows presents an engaging new gaming experience where players embark on a series of exciting, interactive quests within a vibrant world and bustling ecosystem. The game is also filled with whimsical characters like gruff pirates and rocket ship commanders each presenting challenging tasks leading to intriguing adventures.     
The engaging storyline begins as you find yourself marooned in a strange land after your hot air balloon malfunctions only to pave the way to a series of entertaining but challenging adventures designed to get you home again. Packed with a huge variety of game content, Wandering Willows allows players to tailor their adventure by selecting from over 150 quests in a highly customized experience including more than 40 adorable pets to gather and train, and over 200 recipes and 150 clothing patterns to complete.  
“Wandering Willows is a unique title in PlayFirst’s portfolio as it offers a much more open ended experience and heightened interaction”, said Dan Chao, lead game designer. “Player progression and customization are the key elements that were crucial to our overall design process enabling a unique and more engaging experience for every player”.
The game also emphasizes collecting and crafting and offers task-based features allowing players to choose and train their own pets each with their unique abilities that enable you to collect important items. Players can also craft items to sell and trade by sewing, baking and gardening as part of their overall quest.
More information on the game can be found at the website below.

Wangering Willows

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Archives  News  Wandering Willows Casual RPG Coming March 24