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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Diablo III: Guns, Full Immunity
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

More information about Diablo III, the upcoming return to Blizzard Entertainment's popular action RPG franchise, is now available on the official forums thanks to community manager Bashiok. The topics this time include the possibility of guns in DIII and the potential to encounter monsters with full immunities.

will there be guns in Diablo III?
I'm not sure that I said "no" so specifically, although... hrm maybe I did. What I meant, through invisible force of will which I attempt to dredge my posts in and then fry up like so much chicken, was that I've overheard a collective reasoning not to pursue them.
In the wake of that uncertainty I think we should just be glad that Mount Arreat is gone, along with most of it's inhabitants.

will there be full immunity in Diablo III?
Jay has said, and I don't have exact quotes so I'm going to put it into my own words, that full immunities aren't something we're looking to have in Diablo III right now.
He added though that as we plan for people to have a good amount of active abilities at their disposal, there may not be the issue of having say... a Wizard with only ice damage spells late in the game where immunities would normally be seen.
So if we were to have immunities, but also a broad range of abilities with various damage types ensured to be available, it would be more a situation of the player just needing to intelligently use the different spells they have. At that point it becomes a method of injecting strategy into approaching a fight. The spell variety and build potentials, or rather limitations in this case, remain to be seen to some degree.
I think if we can determine that players will always be able to damage a monster regardless of immunities, then they remain a possibility. More than likely though, if I had to guess at this point, you'll see resistances to specific spell types rather than full immunity.
Check out the Gamebanshee site below to read more.

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