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Friday, March 6, 2009

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GameTap Update Drops Mac Support
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

A recent GameTap blog has revealed upcoming changes to the online gaming service. In the coming weeks GameTap will offer a re-designed website, improved digital store, and a new plug-in to replace the old GameTap player. Several features will be missing at launch, including support for Mac OS X. The post does not specify when, or if, Mac users will again be supported.

We’ll cover these new features in-depth over the next couple of weeks, but here’s a quick preview of what you have to look forward to:
-A unified browsing, downloading, and playing experience
-Desktop & Start Menu shortcuts option for every game
-Exciting titles from new publishers
-All arcade and console games play right in your browser
-Firefox support for in-browser play
-Manage your download queue and favorites in your browser
-Faster loading times
-Additional subscription options
-Simplified multi-computer use
-Better search and navigation tools
-New forum software
-Customizable avatars
-Improved parental controls
-Updated digital download store with a better selection and competitive prices
The trade-off for all this awesomeness is that some GameTap Player features will not be available at launch, specifically: leaderboards, Mac OS X support, challenge play, customizable controls, instant messaging, save states and some personal playlists. Don’t fret too much though, your existing save states, custom controls and leaderboard scores will be saved, and any new high scores will be recorded in the background until the leaderboard system is back up and running. Later in the week we’ll have some tips outlining ways for you to work around these changes.
To learn more click over to the link provided below.

GameTap Blog: The New GameTap

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Archives  News  GameTap Update Drops Mac Support