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Friday, February 20, 2009

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The Rise Of Indie Gaming
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Gamasutra has published a new article written by Venture Arctic creature Andy Schatz. The veteran developer offers his analysis of independent gaming's evolution and why he feels this decade in game development is "defined by the rise of the casual game and the subsequent birth of the modern indie game."

The first half of the decade saw the rise of the portals on the strength of sales from games like Diner Dash and Zuma in 2004. This opened up a digital distribution route for smaller games made by small "proto-indie" teams.

The fact that some of these small teams were making buckets of cash turned the heads of game industry execs and spurred many devs to quit their jobs working on AAA games to try to strike it rich working on smaller, more personal projects (see Last Day Of Work, makers of Virtual Villagers).

During these times, indie just meant "small and unfettered". A majority of the people making indie games were actually making casual games intended for distribution on portals like Yahoo Games, MSN, and the like.

From 2004 to 2007, two things began to happen:

1) So many people were trying to get into the game that production values (and thus costs) started going up.

2) Portals began to switch from finding games with hidden potential to spending their time and money on sure bets -- games in proven genres like Click-Management (Diner Dash) and Hidden Object (Mystery Case Files).
Visit the page below to read the full article.

Gamasutra: The Evolution Of Indie

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