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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Spore Galactic Adventures Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has published a preview of some of Spore Galactic Adventures' main features. The expansion for Will Wright's evolution sim will offer the ability to beam down to planets, an equipment editor, and an Adventure Creator that will allow players to create their own missions and share them with others.

After youíve set the scene with a few aliens and a smattering of cities then itís time to start filling those occupants with something else Ė purpose! The adventure editor is mostly text driven when it comes to dialogue, but youíre not just limited to providing your actors with lines in your effort to make them into performing monkeys, you can also add certain behaviours.

The behaviours on offer do admittedly seem a little simplistic at first Ė you can toggle specific aliens to be friendly, aggressive, cowardly and so on Ė but as time goes on you learn to use these tools more effectively and in conjunction with the other tools. You can set patrol routes or have actors wander aimlessly, you can have them track other animals and set up food-chains and so on, combining these actions with text and behaviours to create certain effects.

There are a wide range of objectives that can be added into your missions Ė you can task players with having to recruit, kill, befriend, capture, find, eat, destroy, defend and so on, but in our opinion the real magic lies in the use of IF and OR commands. Using these you can create branching paths to your adventure Ė saying that you should either kill the bunny or protect it, for example. If you killed it then you might get a prize, if not then not.

Ostensibly, the equipment editor isnít altogether too different from the creature creator, or any other creator from the original game. Itís certainly not like the multi-faceted adventure editor as it basically involves dragging and dropping certain shapes onto your creature depending on where and what you want the final item to be.

Want to make a ray-gun? Thatís easy, just mount one of the special projectile or laser props on your creature's wrist/arm/tentacle/chest, resize it and add some extra decorations onto it, paint it and youíre done. Congratulations, you just made a death-ray!

There are still a few interesting tweaks and changes that have been made to the editor though, such as the way that the new energy meter (which is the equipment editorís version of the complexity scale) is linked to the size and shape of your creations. Itís also linked to the abilities of your items too Ė if your ray-gun is too big then itíll rapidly run out of ammo and be slow to reload.

Nor are freeze-rays and laser-pistols the only things that you can create either Ė youíll also be able to make jetpacks that can launch you over mountains and fling you into oceans. Those are handy things if you evolved along such a path that rendered wings redundant.

Check out the full preview at the page listed below. Spore Galactic Adventures Preview
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