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Monday, January 5, 2009

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StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty Discussion, Screenshots
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment has posted a new interview with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty lead designer, Dustin Browder. The article focuses on the first game in the trilogy and includes commentary about the game's nonlinear elements and storyline. Gameinfowire has also added to the StarCraft II information with a selection of screenshots from the game.

1UP: Do you anticipate the production cycle for the StarCraft 2 trilogy to feel like making three separate games, or more like World of WarCraft and its expansions, where the bulk of the work is on the first installment, and subsequent ones are more about iterating and refining rather than inventing?
DB: Well that's the hope; that a good amount of the hard work of designing gameplay mechanics and systems, as well as the internal tasks of creating tools and protocols to develop all this content, is mostly settled at this point as we get deeper into the creation of the core game. So once we ship the core game of StarCraft 2 and start delving into the expansions, we'll have a great deal of that infrastructure under our belts and be able to concentrate primarily on content creation for the two expansion sets.

That said, we're conscious of making sure we are providing new and compelling content for the expansions. The meta-aspects of the Zerg and Protoss campaigns, for example, will work a lot differently than how we're doing things with the core StarCraft 2 game. It doesn't make sense for Kerrigan to be flying around in a battlecruiser and picking out mercenary missions for cash, which is what you'll be doing with Raynor in the core game's campaign. So we'll be doing something different with Kerrigan to get her to evolve and grow her Zerg army. Meanwhile, Zeratul's Protoss campaign may require you to engage in diplomacy with the different Protoss tribes in order to gain access to different units and technologies.

1UP: There was mention of how the campaigns eventually grew too large to be encapsulated in a single title. Now that each race's campaign has more room, can you elaborate on things you could do in a 30 mission Terran campaign that you couldn't do in a 10 mission one?
DB: The primary thing we can do is structure the campaign in a non-linear fashion. Being able to focus on one race for 26 to 30 missions gives us the breathing room to give players meaningful choices as to which parts of the galaxy they want to explore first, and the ability to create side plots. It also gives us the leeway to introduce more characters, more locations, and allow us some room to explore those characters and settings in more depth. Trying to cram all of that into 10 missions at a time didn't seem feasible, and would have negatively impacted our design goals as well as our story presentation.

1UP: Touching on the non-linear campaign comment earlier, how will this affect the actual plot? Despite a non-linear mission structure, will the story still be a tightly constructed, linear affair, or will you be able to change some elements of it depending on your story? And if so, will those changes be reflected in the plot and missions of the subsequent campaigns?
DB: There's still going to be a discrete beginning and ending to the storyline in each campaign. The path you take to get from point A to point B is what's going to vary from player to player. There will be side-plots you explore where the choices you make can affect the fate of certain characters, or possibly worlds. But we still want to ensure that we're telling one single, coherent story, and that we avoid any ambiguity in the primary plot arc.
To read the full interview and check out the screenshots from and Gameinfowire click on the links provided below. StarCraft II Interview
GameinfoWire: StarCraft II Screenshots
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