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Friday, January 2, 2009

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Apple Games: A Tale In The Desert IV, iPod Real Soccer
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games recently published two new feature articles, one covering the unique cooperative MMO A Tale in the Desert IV, and the other featuring the iPod version of Gameloft's Real Soccer. The A Tale in the Desert article features comments from creator Andrew Tepper and two of the game's players, and a look at the game's current and future offerings. The Real Soccer article offers an overview of the game's features and list of tips and tricks.

A Tale In The Desert IV:

Kaayru summons two players, Telanoc and Alexandriall, to join the discussion. Both of them cite ATITD’s social aspects as a major reason for playing. Telanoc explains: “I have never seen a place where the people are so involved with each other on so many levels. What hooked me and keeps me coming back is the way the game is played. When something is done here, it is done. There can only be one person to climb the mountain first. It gives a history that other games lack.”

Part of that history involves the players creating unique tests that are carved into the monuments for their respective disciplines and incorporated into the next Telling. They guarantee that at least seven of ATITD IV’s 49 tests will be new, but Tepper keeps all other changes secret until he’s ready to reveal them. As veterans of previous Tellings know, there are always surprises in store.

Telanoc, who has been a regular player since Tale II, elaborates: “The game isn’t afraid to take chances with content. In Tale III, there was a plague that was really controversial to many people, and it was interesting how we dealt with it: some people buckled down to look for a cure, some people tried to keep on going as if nothing had happened, and others hid in their homes.”
Real Soccer for iPod:
League play is just one of many options in Real Soccer 2009, where you’ll find over 290 clubs and national teams, all of them featuring real players from around the world. Compete in four cups, five national leagues, and 10 club leagues as you collect 15 trophies to fill your case. Set your strategy, including formation and offense/defense mix, and play matches in stadiums located in San Paolo, Paris, Milan, Manchester, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, and London.

Don’t forget to choose one of four difficulty levels, select the weather, and decide whether tie games should go to extra time. If you just want a quick contest, set up an exhibition match or a penalty kicks competition, or engage in some training to sharpen your skills. During matches, you can watch replays of key moments to see what you did right or wrong.

Luckily, if you make a mistake and score an own goal in a key game, you won’t have to worry about national headlines displaying your ignominy for all to see. Not everything requires true-to-life realism.
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