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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Ambrosia Holiday Bundle Sale: 6 Games for $19
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software is celebrating its 15th year in business by putting a collection of its most popular games on sale for a special holiday price. Ambrosia's 15th Anniversary Holiday Bundle Sale features a collection of six games for $19. If purchased separately the games would cost $123. The package, which can be purchased from now till midnight on Dec. 24, includes Apeiron, Redline, Bubble Trouble, Darwinia, Aki Mahjong, and SketchFighter.

"This is an amazing price for such a collection of killer games," said Andrew Welch, Ambrosia's el presidente. "Everyone in the office thinks I'm crazy, but I wanted to offer a really great deal to our users as a way of saying thanks for their support over the years."

Is it the madness of King George? Did someone spike the el Presidente's eggnog? Or did his heart just grow three times that day? Who cares! Run, do not walk, to collect your dram of holiday cheer!

The Games:
Apeiron is an old-style arcade game that's sure to put blisters on your fingers and a twitch in your mouse hand. Pick it up for a 5 minute quickie, and hours may roll past.
Redline is a 3D racing game that tosses polygons around like so many shredded tires. Race against the computer, better your score in time challenges, or run real people off of the road over the Internet.
Bubble Trouble's world is filled with lusciously-drawn cartoony critters who give that cranky crab from "The Little Mermaid" a run for his money. But money isn't what you'll be running from: an otherwise peaceful fish bowl has been filled with bubbles that are being tossed around in an enthralling game of "Squish the Fish!"
In Darwinia, you will be enlisted to save a virtual world from a deadly computer virus. Real-time strategy, lightning-fast navigation, and mesmerizing fractal landscapes combine with a rich soundtrack to make you remember why gaming is fun.
Remember those super-cool space ships you doodled on graph paper in Middle School? With SketchFighter, you're the pilot through hand-drawn mazes filled with battles and puzzles.
Aki Mahjong Solitaire for Mac OS X is an elegant blend of the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong with an enchanting journey across Japan.

Learn more about the Holiday Bundle at the page linked below.

Ambrosia Software
Ambrosia's 15th Anniversary Holiday Bundle Sale

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Archives  News  Ambrosia Holiday Bundle Sale: 6 Games for $19