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Monday, December 1, 2008
John Carmack Discusses Quake Live, PC Gaming
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

PC Gamer has published a brief new interview with veteran game developer John Carmack about Quake Live, id Software's browser based incarnation of the shooter. The Q&A focuses on the reason behind id's decision to developed a browser based game, the kinds of games Carmack likes to play, and his thoughts PC gaming.

PC Gamer: What makes a free-to-play, browser-based game, Quake Live, special enough that id has focused so much energy on it?
John Carmack: Really itís a matter of looking at how the PC market has changed. Up until our last project, id Software was very much a PC game company. We built Doom 3 as a PC project. As we look at it today, we really canít justify doing a mainstream action-heavy title as a PC-only game. But there are still things that the PC does better than consoles. The browser environment is fasterónavigating web pages on the console is a really tedious experience. The keyboard/mouse interface is definitely still the superior interface for a competitive first-person shooter experience, much better than an analog joypad. And I do think thereís the whole idea of PCs being everywhere, and having a game that you can play just about anywhere. Anywhere thereís a PC, if youíve got a few minutes you can download Quake Live content and jump in and play your game.
If you took the same game and spruced it up to modern graphics and put it on the consoles, it just wouldnít be as good an experience. Thatís one of the aspects of engineering thatís always appealed to me: trying to do the right thing in the right place. You donít try and push something where it no longer belongs. You look for opportunities in all the things that you have available.
For the full Q&A follow the link listed below.

Games Radar: PC Gamer Carmack Interview
id Software

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Archives  News  John Carmack Discusses Quake Live, PC Gaming