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Friday, September 19, 2008

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StarCraft II: Zerg Discussion, Game Piracy
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

A new post on Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II forum offers details about changes to the Zerg race and its unique methods of battling against enemies. Blizzard is asking fans to share their thoughts on the new Zerg abilities.

One of the distinct features of the Zerg is their fast movement, quick reactions and their large numbers. With the newest changes to the StarCraft II build these attributes are bound to reinforced once more.

Here are a couple of changes to the Zerg:
• Zerg units except Drones can now move 30% faster on creep
• Creep Tumors are smaller and burrowed

These changes will have a big impact on Zerg strategy, since covering terrain with Creep will now be very important. We will see Overlord rushes with mass spewing of creep and Zerg fast micro on creep. The burrowed Creep Tumors will force the other races to get quick detection to push back the Zerg Creep and take their fast movement.

Questions for Fans:
• What do you think of the speed increase on Creep?
• How do you think this change will effect Zerg, Protoss and Terran?
• Do you like or dislike the change? Why?
In other StarCraft II news, StarCraftWire has posted a synopsis of an AusGamers video interview with Blizzard's Frank Pearce. The developer answered questions on a variety of topics including changes to the service, focus on multiplayer, and his feelings about game piracy.

From StarCraftWire:

He also talks about the fact that Blizzard creates multiplayer first, so that the game has a multiplayer foundation, and then build a single player mode in addition to that. Not really new, but a nice reminder that there is a reason why Blizzard games are superior in Multiplayer games. He also discuss about the problem of piracy. Even though it exists for both PC and consoles, it's usually only mentioned for PC games. Blizzard have an interesting way to look at it, compared to companies like EA.

Blizzard Quote: It's certainly something that is a consideration for us, but we're not going to devote an enormous amount of resources to deal with that, as we ultimately feel like we have created a platform, the, and created a compelling experience of a full featured set of functionality that people want to play. The greatest asset we have in terms of combat piracy is our online community and the desire for people to be part of that.

Which goes in line with what Blizzard usually say: "If we make a good game, people will buy it". What this says about EA vs. Blizzard games is up to you to interpret.

Frank also talks about a possible StarCraft 2 expansion, saying that the focus is on SC2 at the moment, but they are discussing it. Also, an interview with Blizzard can't pass without a mention of the Diablo 3 art controversy. They think that the negative player feedback is good, as that means they have dedicated fans. When asked if similar responses were found in SC-fans, the answer was of course "no".
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