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Thursday, September 18, 2008

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New Diablo III Interviews Available
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Another pair of interviews focusing on the upcoming Diablo III are now available from VideoGamer and AbleGamers. The Q&A format interviews include comments from Blizzard's Jay Wilson and Leonard Boyarsky about a variety of issues including the action RPG's setting, character classes, and randomized content.

From VideoGamer: Can you confirm that the Barbarian is the only class to return from Diablo II?
JW: Yes. Originally we were planning to have no classes return, but as we developed one of the classes essentially turned into the barbarian. We reached a point where we were going to call it some other name, and we realised that everyone else would just call it the barbarian anyway, so maybe we should just go with that.
I think the barbarian was one of the classes we looked at and felt could be improved upon. One of the reasons we set this goal of not bringing back old classes was that we don't want to do a re-hash - we want to do a sequel with new gameplay and new experiences. I know a lot of people really love the classes in D2, and it's not my intention to deliberately hurt them! I love those classes too - the necromancer is my favourite - but our goal was to do new things. Have you copped a lot of flack over this?
JW: Yeah and we will! All the barbarian players are delighted and all the necromancers hate us. I understand, I don't begrudge them that. I would hate me too! But what I would say is that when we announce the next class, which is quite similar to a previous class, then all those players will hate us too. You can't make everybody happy, but I think when the game finally come out players will find there's a good class for them, one they will love as much as the ones that came before. And if they don't, I absolutely promise that in the expansions we'll consider bringing back old classes. We just don't want to do it with the first release. We want to establish our identity.
From AbleGamers:
Steve, AbleGamers: From what I'm getting so far. Generally speaking, Diablo III will be an entirely new concept in game. So you guys are not trying to pull any ideas from Diablo II, you will not be building on anything other than the world of Tristam
Jay, Blizzard: We make decisions based on what from that area we want to bring back. For example, the items for Tristram are not going to be the exact same as Diablo there are some changes, but the core of it is basically the same, or using the basically the same item generation mechanics backend systems, drop rates, data and information because that system work really really well. In the case of classes, we chose to try to create new classes, because he wanted to provide new gameplay in the area. So we really tried to handle this on a case-by-case basis we not trying to... we definitely don't want to rehash Diablo II, but we don't want to throw it away either.

Leonard, Blizzard: When you bring up the Tristram, it's kind of the same thing from the lore side, we didn't want to rehash things that were done really well... were not discounting anything, we want to continue the story. We want to bring it to its conclusion in a way. We want to explore all the things that were brought up previously. But one of the reasons I think we all just loved Tristram from D1, and it just felt like could get enough of it in D2. I don't know, it just felt right... It was one of those things is... we didn't... it came up after we had already started on the story, it came up as an idea, and it felt like a good thing to do. It's kind of like the barbarian, we didn't set out to say, "we have to have the barbarian in this game," it wasn't some kind of mandate that we had to have the barbarian or Tristram or this or that from the old game. As were developing this and were trying to capture the flavor that we want, the mood that we want, to telling the story that we want, we want to use this world we want to use this license, and that's quite possible. So these things come up and we say, "wow." We're fired up just like everybody else, we say, "Wow wouldn't it be so cool if Tristram looks like right now"or, "what happens with this place is?" That's kind of how were approaching everything in the game.
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