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Thursday, September 4, 2008
Quake Live Preview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments

GamesRadar has posted a new preview of Quake Live, id Software's upcoming browser based shooter. Quake Live is adapted from the Quake III engine and will be supported by in game advertising. The preview includes comments from id's John Carmack and Marty Stratton.

Nine years on, a significant number of gamers still play the increasingly modded Quake III, suggesting there’s no reason why it shouldn’t pick up a new following. Much of the modding has been incorporated into the Live version, along with aesthetic improvements. “The designers have given it a spruce up,” says John Carmack. “They’ve gone through and touched up every map in there, touched up the model skins, so it’s a little bit more polished, but it’s still the same game. Just with the nine years of aggregate finessing that the community has decided was the better way of doing things.”

These changes include tweaks to game balance, air control, and anti-lag tech. As Quake III Arena is now open-source, players are able to directly change the source code, and id is able to incorporate this back into the game. “Some of the new game types are lifted directly from the mods,” says Carmack, “with the cooperation of the people who developed them.” Those new game modes have yet to hit the beta, but we do know that all of the maps from Quake III Arena and Team Arena are in there, along with some new ones developed by id. “Everything we could give, we’re giving,” says Carmack. “There’s really nothing being held back.”

A compulsory tutorial level for first-time players is really a ruse to download about 180MB to your computer while you’re distracted. It’s also used to assess your playing skill for the new matchmaking feature. The plan is that your first match against other players should be a pleasant experience, via “skill estimation.” With enough people at varying skill levels, Carmack says, “your first game will be something where you’re not either completely stonked, or in there with people who don’t know how to play if you’re really good.”
The full preview is available at the link below.

Games Radar: Quake Live Preview
id Software

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