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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Apple Games Features Chalkboard Sports Baseball
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Apple Games has posted a new feature article examining D2C Games' Chalkboard Sports Baseball for Apple's iPod. Developed exclusively for the iPod and its click wheel interface, the game features six ballparks, day and night games, personalized teams, and intelligent computer opponents. Apple Games' article includes an overview of the game's features as well as details on the included teams.

After the thrilling victory, you view your final point tally, which is based not only on your success at the plate and on the mound but also on your ability to hit outfield targets, such as bulls-eyes, a glove, a baseball, and other objects scattered throughout the gameís six ballparks. The stadiums are home to six teams each comprised of five SPOGS (Sports Player Object Gyros), unique circular athletes whose six feet propel them around the bases at top speed.

You can also create unique SPOGS and populate your own teams with them, developing prospects for Chalkboard Sports Baseballís playoff mode, in which you guide one club through two best-of-three series before tackling the championship game. You can even stick your face, or any other image, on your custom SPOGS with D2Cís FaceMaker, which lets you quickly crop a picture and save it to the proper folder, where iTunes adds it to the game the next time you sync your iPod.

Success in playoff mode allows you to unlock three new pitches ó change-up, screwball, and splitter ó with which youíll confound your opponents. Just make sure you mix up your pitches while facing each batter, because the game features I-Think AI, which lets computer-controlled players make smart decisions in the heat of the moment. A practice mode lets you get ready for the big game, while quick play gives you a chance to easily try out your strategies with a brief three-inning contest.
Head over to the link posted below to read the rest of the article.

Apple Games: iPod Chalkboard Sports Baseball
Chalkboard Sports Baseball

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