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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Will Wright Discusses Spore's Origins
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CNET has posted a new interview with Maxis' Will Wright about the upcoming release of Spore, his latest sim game. The interview covers the origins of the evolution based god sim, the long development process, and the potential future for the game.

What were the origins of Spore ?
Will Wright: The earliest evolution of it had to do with the SETI Project. The original concept was sort of a toy galaxy you could fly around and explore. As we thought about, it became apparent that evolution was a very important component. Some of the very first prototypes involved how you would move around and visualize the galaxy. And then on procedurally generated creatures. Could we actually generate creatures through evolution so there was a vast variety of creatures rather than just the 20 or 30 fixed things that games typically include

In the recent Electronic Arts quarterly earnings call, CEO John Riccitiello suggested Spore might one day become a label of its own. Are some of these directions you're talking about the basis for the expansion packs an ongoing label requires?
Wright: When a game is released, we have a good sense of how we can expand it in different directions. But you do first have to get it out to the public and see what they do with it. As we see the fans doing various things with it, it will become pretty clear to us that, Oh, yeah, this would be probably the best direction and we already have an expansion map, so we know how to navigate that terrain. But we're also exploring entire other forms of media and starting to think, what does this brand mean. We want Spore in a very general sense to become this intersection between science and creativity.
To read the rest of Wright's comments click over to the link below.

CNET: Spore Interview
Electronic Arts
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Archives  News  Will Wright Discusses Spore's Origins