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Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Apple Games Features Jack Keane
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games has published a new feature article which takes readers on a tour of the zany Jack Keane. The adventure game follows the humorous adventures of Jack as he struggles to solve the mysteries of Tooth Island and his own past. The article also includes a description of the cast of characters and tips for finding all the hidden secrets.

In the spirit of the Ankh series, Jack Keane weaves an amusing adventure tale of a ne’er-do-well main character who manages to get himself out of tight situations with nothing more than his wits and the contents of his pockets. As you explore 15 locations throughout London, Capetown, and Tooth Island, use more than 250 found objects in combination with each other, with the environment, and with other characters to solve puzzles. In the process, Jack moves closer to understanding his past and how it ties in with the present.

Dozens of off-beat characters breathe life into the story, relating important information as well as tales not-so-relevant but amusing, such as the former ship captain who fell prey to the 19th century version of an African phishing scam. Many of them will also give you objects, if you figure out the correct statements to make and questions to ask. Cinematic cut scenes stitch together the results of your actions and set them to an orchestral score, resulting in an epic story that offers more bang for your buck than the latest Hollywood blockbuster.
Head over to the webpage listed below to read the rest of the article.

Apple Games: Jack Keane
10tacle Studios
Jack Keane
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