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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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Diablo III: The Gender Debate
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 12 comments

MTV Multiplayer has continued the trickle of Diablo III tidbits with another series of comments from Blizzard's Jay Wilson about the upcoming action RPG sequel. This time the lead designer revealed the team's internal debate over the decision to allow both male and female versions of each character class.

Like the destaturated art style and the inclusion of old character classes, some “Diablo III” team members wanted to stick with the familiar one-gender archetypes.

And why was that?

“These [characters] are not people; they are so far above the normal civilians because that’s the tone of the game,” Wilson explained. “We really wanted the classes to be archetypal, and we wanted them to stand out from the world as a stark contrast.”

Wilson also told me that in making these unique archetypes, that meant having to create custom models. Add different genders to that, and it’s not cheap. “It’s pretty expensive for us art-wise because of the way we do our classes and the way we do a lot of the weaponry we create,” he said. “And essentially doing [different genders] adds a lot of model artwork. ‘World of Warcraft‘ was very smart about how they chose their class models and their NPCs, because they were very efficient with the number of models that they made. We were not.”

Despite the cost, the company is moving forward with gender choices for the character classes. For Wilson, it wasn’t even an option anyway. “For me it was always a no-brainer to have gender choice,” he said, having both male and female characters in “World of Warcraft.” “There’s so much interest as to guys who plays girls or girls who play guys. Sometimes it’s assumed that people play their own gender, but a lot of the times people don’t. It’s obviously a really important choice that we want people to be able to make on their own.”
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MTV Multiplayer: Diablo III Gender Choice A ‘Big Debate’
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