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Friday, August 8, 2008

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Depths Of Peril Creator Discusses Indie Gaming
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Tales of the Rampant Coyote has posted a new interview with Steven Peeler, founder of Soldak Entertainment and creator of the Depths of Peril action/strategy RPG. The interview covers Peeler's history in the gaming industry, struggles unique to to indie game developers, and the freedom of developing games independently.

Rampant Coyote: What have been your biggest struggles / challenges / disappointments as an indie?
Steven Peeler: The biggest struggle has simply been to get enough attention so that we can make enough sales to continue. Weíve already created an innovative, fun game, but getting the world to notice that is harder, possibly even harder than making the game in the first place.
Personally my biggest disappointment is how much piracy that goes on in the PC market. Since we are a small developer, that has a hard time getting attention, you would think we would have very little piracy. Unfortunately, thatís not the case at all. Itís depressing how many sites are pirating Depths of Peril. Whatís even worse is that after working on the game for almost 3 years, some #$%^ posts a crack on some pirate site, and the forum users thank him. I even saw one pirate site that was getting donations. Sigh, ok, enough on piracy, itís depressing even typing this.

Rampant Coyote: Any other comments you want to make about the difference between mainstream & indie development?
In the mainstream industry, no one would have let me create Depths of Peril or bring it to the Mac. This is the big difference between being an indie and working in the mainstream. As an indie, I have the freedom to try new things and I donít have to have proof that it will be a financial success.
One of the other big differences is, as an indie, I work directly for the gamers. I sell directly to gamers through our website and I talk directly to gamers through our forums.
At a mainstream developer, you directly make games for publishers. Obviously, ultimately you want to please the gamers. However, you pitch your game idea or prototype to publishers. The publisher is the one that decides whether or not your game gets made. The publisher pays you. Most developers never make any money except what the publisher gives them. So like I said, at a mainstream developer, most of the time, you are making games for publishers, not the gamers.
The full Q&A is available at the site listed below.

Tales Of The Rampant Coyote: Steven Peeler Interview
Soldak Entertainment
Depths of Peril
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