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Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Apple Games Features OOTP Baseball 9
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Apple Games latest feature takes a swing at Out of the Park Baseball 9, the latest incarnation in the sports series. The article includes a sample game season showcasing the game's features, a list of what's new in the latest version, and a rundown of historical seasons players might want to try.

Out of the Park Baseball 9 allows you to easily import leagues from OOTP 8, 2007, 2006, and version 6. Improvements made for the latest edition include a revamped scouting system that’s more realistic and requires less micromanagement, with the ability to view past scouting reports any time so you can track players’ progress. The game also now features suspensions for bench-clearing brawls and drug-related offenses; the latter is optional.

In addition, the play-by-play descriptions have been improved, and for the first time you can hear the crowd roar and view simple ball animations, so you can see what happens each time a batter makes contact. The crowd noises vary depending on the situation, so the fans will work themselves into a frenzy for the playoffs. OOTP 9 also introduces game replays that you can save and watch anytime.

Behind the scenes, OOTP 9 sports improved artificial intelligence when negotiating contracts with players or offering trades to other team managers. In the front office, you’ll be able to peruse more financial detail, and two new revenue-sharing options allow you to choose between a Major League Baseball-style luxury tax and a system that distributes a percentage of a team’s income among small-market clubs.

Other changes include more customization options for the playoffs, faster simulation speed, and refinements to players’ development and aging, with the option for them to become coaches when they retire. There’s even more to discover, so dive in and explore the wealth of features for baseball simulation fans.
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Apple Games: OOTP Baseball 9
OOTP Developments
Out of the Park Baseball 9

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