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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Multiwinia Hands-On Preview
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

IGN has posted a new hands-on preview of Introversion Software's upcoming Multiwinia. The multiplayer strategy title is set in the world of Darwinia, and upon release will allow players to battle for survival with up to three other players online.

Though we're loathed to pigeonhole Multiwinia into any given genre, it is in essence an RTS cut to the bone. With its free-roaming camera, comparisons to World in Conflict's streamlined approach to warfare drift lazily to mind, but Multiwinia doesn't invite comparisons readily - as soon as you think you've got it pinned down something will happen to remind you that Introversion constantly choose to trek well off the beaten track. Power-ups falling from the sky randomise the action, swiftly altering the balance of control - air strikes can obliterate an entire battlion of troops in a blink, armoured personnel carriers are able to quickly transport large numbers of troops across the battlefield and gun turrets can be placed to gleefully tear through swathes of Multiwinians.

Despite its tactical undercurrent, then, Multiwinia is very much an action-oriented title. Take the aforementioned gun turrets: as well as controlling them in third-person you can switch to a first-person view and mow down Multiwinians while looking down the barrel of your gun, with a helpful kill counter on the weapon's console rapidly totting up the number of felled enemies. It's a neat feature and one that was literally thrown into the mix at the last minute, so much so that many of the development staff present during our demo hadn't actually seen it in action. Indeed, it's this fast-paced development model that enables Introversion's games so fresh.
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IGN: Multiwinia Preview
Introversion Software

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