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Monday, June 23, 2008

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Discussing The Empyrean Age
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CCP Games recently revealed four new videos with developer commentary on EVE Online's expansion, The Empyrean Age. The videos feature commentary from Tony Gonzales, Noah Ward, Mathew Woodward, and Nathan Richardsson about the recently launched expansion and its effect on the sci-fi MMO. Based on a novel of the same name, Empyrean Age focuses on factional warfare and is designed to make PvP combat more accessible to all players.

Tony Gonzales
Tony Gonzales Lead Writer, explains that tensions built within the Empyrean Age novel were developed to entice both veteran EVE players and the “uninitiated” science fiction fan. Gonzales also toys with the idea of writing a sequel to the book.
Noah Ward
EVE's Lead Designer, Noah Ward discusses the new features in Trinity 1.1: Boost Patch. Learn all about the new improvements, deadlier ships and interface renovations now available.
Mathew Woodward
Mathew Woodward, Game Designer for Empyrean Age, tells us “These new missions give players the strength of narrative.” New missions within Factional Warfare alter the focus from isolated PvE, taking these objectives and tying them into the sweeping story found in The Empyrean Age novel.
Nathan Richardsson
Nathan Richardsson Executive Producer, discusses the origins of EVE Online while providing an overview of Empyrean Age’s features. All out war was the most brutal and obvious choice for this new expansion. Was this war inevitable? Yes. Richardsson also offers his view on what makes PvP exciting and worthwhile.
Check out the new video content at the page linked below.

The Empyrean Age Site
CCP Games
EVE Online

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