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Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Sid Meier Answers Ten Questions
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 5 comments

GameDaily has posted the results of its latest 10 Questions interview, this time soliciting answers from Civilization guru Sid Meier. The Q&A covers a range of topics including questions about the possible MMO future of the Civilization franchise and the possibility of a return to Alpha Centauri.

4. I've read about your interest in possibly working on an MMO. What is your next genre of game going to be? Are you going to be making a new kind of game in the future?
I'm exploring lots of exciting ideas right now. A Civ MMO is a really intriguing idea and we're spending time thinking about how we could make it the fun addictive experience Civ players expect. Beyond that I have some new ideas that are quite different from games I've made in the past and that's all I'm able to tell you right now. Stand by for more information in the near future!

7. What are the odds of an Alpha Centauri sequel? Who owns the license these days, and would you make it if you got the chance, or is it more Brian Reynolds' brainchild? (And do you know if *he* would be interested in making a sequel?)
Electronic Arts owns the rights to Alpha Centauri, and we do get lots of requests from fans to make a new version. I don't know what EA plans to do with it, but we would certainly love to make a new Alpha Centauri for today's gamers.
Read the entire interview at the link provided below.

GameDaily: Ten Questions Sid Meier
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