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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

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RHEM Creator Interviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Adventure Classic Gaming has posted a new interview with Knut Müller, creator of the Rhem series of puzzle based adventure games. In the Q&A Müller discusses his history, the effort in developing games, and how indie games compete with titles from larger game studios.

What inspired you to make the leap from being a freelance artist to becoming an indie game developer? What was the greatest challenge you faced in making this transition?
I’m actually a freelance visual artist, composer and indie game developer. I didn’t jump from the bank of freelance art to an opposite bank of game developing. My kind of working is a permanent move from one area to another. I love and need this interexchange of creative perspectives. Maybe the question is, what was the motivation to start touching the ground of the indie game world? It started with my study of “electro-acoustic and electronic music”. During that time I started working with the computer. I got to know some adventure games like Myst. I liked it and wanted to create a small world of my own images, sounds and logic. To create Rhem was a great journey and a process of never-ending learning.

What in Rhem 3: The Secret Library will be new for the series? What kinds of puzzles will be in this game?
Rhem 3 is continues the “story” and game-play of Rhem. But it’s also an answer to Rhem 2. I got some sentences to Rhem 2: “Rhem 2 is too dark.” Therefore I designed Rhem 3 as a conclusion of Rhem 1 and 2 with more elements of grass and trees. The technical parameters are the same as Rhem 2. But I added a possibility to navigate by the arrow keys. The character of environment sounds has changed. They are compositions of natural and artificial sounds. It’s possible to finish the game and leave Rhem 3 after solving the necessary puzzles, but furthermore there is an extra level for “hardcore gamer”. To found all extra clues and solve some extra puzzles will allow to visit a small extra area.
Read the full interview at the link below.

Adventure Classic Gaming: Knut Müller Interview

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