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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Mac Gaming's Challenges And Opportunities
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments

MacNewsWorld recently published an article exploring the technical side of the Mac game world. Industry notables such as Aspyr Media's Glenda Adams and Freeverse's Bruce Morrison discuss the challenges involved in developing for Apple's computers as well as the potential for future growth in Mac gaming.

"The PowerPC barrier was never that large. It's really all about learning OS X and giving up on DirectX. Companies like Blizzard have proven you can do [development for both] at the same time. We have [come] to love the Unity engine a lot, as it gives us Mac and PC and lets us keep our Mac tool chain," (Morrison) told MacNewsWorld.

What will finally bring game makers to the Mac platform, Morrison opined, is the community. Whereas PC users see the Mac's closed architecture as a downside, the relatively locked-down hardware and the almost console-like environment are a plus for developers.

"The PC market is like the Wild West, and the console space is like living in the domed city in 'Logan's Run.' The Mac is sort of a hybrid. You can try new things on the Mac, but you get a more structured environment with hardware and software libraries. It's the best of both worlds," he suggested.
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MacNewsWorld: Mac Gaming, Technically Speaking

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