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Friday, January 25, 2008
Playing Imagine Poker 3
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Out of Eight recently posted a new review of Candywriter's Imagine Poker 3. The Texas Hold 'Em Poker game allows players to pit their wits against 20 infamous characters from history. Out of Eight gave the game a score of 5 out of 8.

From the review:

Imagine Poker 3 is generally your average Texas hold-em poker game. Its unique feature is that it has historical figures as your opponents: Napoleon, the Tooth Fairy, Dracula, Stalin, and Neptune, to name a few. This is a little gimmicky, but the great character design makes it more palatable. This alone wonít make for a distinctive title, and the remainder of the game doesnít feature enough to make Imagine Poker 3 stand out from the crowd. The first thing youíll do is create a character for yourself; while you can set your country of origin, you cannot pick a character form, so you will be a blank space during gameplay. Games come in tournament and custom form. Tournaments are done as a series of custom games at a set sequence of levels against different opponents; there isnít a reason to play tournaments instead of single-round custom games, as you will eventually lose and offset any experience gained.

Unlike real poker games that have winners from various tables come together, tournaments in Imagine Poker 3 are simply a series of matches that donít feel like you are part of a larger event. Custom games allow you to set the specific opponents, room, chip color, and total chips at the table. All games are limited to no more than five players: while this reduces the number of bad hands, itís less fun to play with an unrealistically low number of people. Imagine Poker 3 only features Texas hold-em, as other version of poker are not included. You can customize the betting rules (limit or no limit) and blinds (from 10/20 to 40/80, and automatic increasing), but having just one type of poker is yet another limitation. The game keeps track of everyoneís progress (human and AI players) and assigns a letter grade; this is a pretty cool feature that adds a bit of RPG flavor to the game. It almost makes up for the lack of multiplayer. Almost.
Check out the rest of the review at the link below.

Out Of Eight: Imagine Poker 3 Review
Imagine Poker 3

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