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Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Apple Games Features Stunts & Effects
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games latest feature offers a look at the explosive new Stunts & Effects expansion for The Movies. Developed by Lionhead Studios and brought to the Mac by Feral Interactive, Stunts & Effects integrates into the original game adding new sets, costumes, props, vehicles, stuntmen, backdrops, and special effects for players to include in their virtual productions. Apple Games' feature also includes a list of hints and tips for using the expansion's offerings.

You add stunt performers to your studio the same way you groom cast, crew, directors, and screenwriters: Build a stunt school and choose from the wannabes who line up outside it. You can direct your scribes to craft scripts that include stunts, which come with varying degrees of difficulty. Donít put an inexperienced stuntman in a film with really tough stunts, or he could fail to pull them off, leading to poor reviews and a miserable showing at the box office.

Youíll find plenty of new sets where your stunt performers can show off their skills, from a lush jungle to a bustling city street. Blue and green screen sets let you add special effects later, thanks to the expansion packís new miniatures, which include a devastated urban landscape and an alien mother ship. And donít forget to add scenes featuring cars, trucks, and helicopters.

Any time something explodes or suffers an impact, Stunts & Effects comes through with advanced particle effects that give a realistic touch to fireballs, shattering glass, steam, and other dangerous situations. When youíre in Advanced Moviemaking mode, you can use the new free cam to set up dramatic angles for your shots, while the new plot construction stages give you fresh ways to tell your stories.
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Apple Games: The Movies Stunts & Effects
Feral Interactive
Lionhead Studios
The Movies: Stunts & Effects

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