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Friday, January 18, 2008

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has a new review of Pirates of the Caribbean Online. PotCO includes ship to ship combat, sword battles, and a variety of pirate themed activities. The article examines the game's current features and what Disney has planned for the future.

Secondly, PotCO does not require unique names. Why? Based on the story and history, they wanted to create a certain feel to the game with names. To that effect, PotCO has a very strong naming policy. Also, they wanted to make sure that friends could play with friends. Hence, players can move from sever to server. Also, with free to play accounts, unique names could be taken up very fast. Imagine there being only one “Catherine” or “Jack” allowed. What would the other 10,000 avatars be named and still remain true to the time period?

However, players can create invitation codes and email them to their real life friends. Once this code is received and activated in game, you’ve got them on your friends list and can teleport to them to form up. Improving the social aspects of the game are a priority and further updates to group functionality will expand their current Look Out system - a matchmaking system for card games and PvP – to include a “looking for group / crew / quest” functionality, changing the color of your group mates’ names so that they can be more easily followed in a crowd of “Catherines” and “Jacks” and changing the color “dot” on the radar. It is radar, I was told, not a true “map” hence the lack of geographic features on it.

Level cap is currently 45. They shipped with 40, but a *cough* bug allowed some players to attain 42, so they raised the cap to 45. This is not your father’s MMOG. There’s a single overarching story line. You rescue the Black Pearl for Jack Sparrow. Some quests are repeatable, but the storyline quests are not. Boss battles, for example – the recovery of the Black Pearl- are repeatable. If only because it’s so cool that they wanted players to be able to play it again and again (and of course you’ll probably fail the first time around).
Read the full article at the link below. Pirates Of The Caribbean Review
Pirates of the Caribbean Online

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