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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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Eschalon: Book 1 Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Macworld's Game Room has released a review of Eschalon: Book I, Basilisk Games recently released "old school" RPG. The single player game gives players the chance to uncover the secrets of their character's past as they explore the fantasy world. The Game Room gave Book I a score of 3.5 out of 5 mice.

From the review:

In fact, almost every interaction you have with the game is based on dice rolls. It’s extraordinarily non-linear in that respect, which is great for RPG players that just want to explore without feeling pressured to follow specific storylines or plots. The downside is that the game doesn’t necessarily play down to your level early on, so it’s possible—in fact, it’s very easy—to wander off into areas where there are higher-level monsters that will kill you almost immediately. This gets frustrating, so it takes some trial-and-error to find areas in the game you’re well-equipped and experienced enough to handle.

Eschalon cycles between day and night, and you need to take care of your character, letting them rest to recharge. (You can only set up camp in areas away from “dungeons” and other areas with hostile monsters in the vicinity.) If you try to go wandering off in the dark without the benefit of torches or other items that cast light, you’ll almost immediately start blundering into objects, or, worse, things that may be upset at being disturbed. The darkness of the game—particularly in indoor locations—irritated me a bit, as I would often miss objects that I needed to use until scouring the area later.

In another throwback to the adventure games of yore, everything in Eschalon is turn-based. This lets you plan your strategy for conquering bad guys or new territories like a chess game. It’s great when you get a call or something from the “real world” to distract you, because you can trust no matter how long you’re away, nothing’s going to sneak up on your character and eat you while you’re not looking.
Read the rest of the review at the link below.

Macworld's Game Room: Eschalon Book I Review
Basilisk Games
Eschalon: Book I
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