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Monday, January 14, 2008

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Widget Monkey Games Announces Widget United
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Widget Monkey Games has announced work on Widget United. The unique new single player title combines elements of soccer, marbles, and crokinole. When completed the game will feature four game modes, three levels of difficulty, realistic physics, dynamic lighting, and multiple camera views.

That's Widget United! It's a family-friendly, single player game with four unique gameplay modes. The game combines the exciting gameplay of soccer, playground mechanics of marbles, and the goals of crokinole into four fun gameplay styles with three levels of difficulty each, and features all of the innovative and fun things you'd expect from a Unity-powered game. Widget United features online high scores and rankings where your best scores compete with players around the world, realistic physics, dynamic lighting, multiple camera views (including an in-air ball-following cam) cool sound effects and game soundtrack, and addictive gameplay for the family that'll keep you playing for hours. 

The goal of Widget United is to score as many goals as you can within the limits of the four different gameplay modes. Types of games include a limited amount of balls, a limited number of kicks, limited time, and a difficult passing mode. Each gameplay mode offers three levels of difficulty with different teams to play against. Widget United also features a full and unlimited practice mode to hone your soccer skills.

Widget Monkey Games is actively seeking a handful of beta testers to spend a few hours and help us polish the last bits of the game. Please send email to david at widgetmonkeygames dot com if you're interested. If you have access to both OSX and Windows, even better.

Widget Monkey Games is working to release the game in the first week of February. A demo will be available but limited to only one gameplay mode, one difficulty level, and no ability to submit your high scores online.

Widget United will retail for CDN $15.95 and will be available for both OSX and Windows. It was created with the Unity game engine. Follow the links below for more information.

Widget United
Widget Monkey Games

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Archives  News  Widget Monkey Games Announces Widget United