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Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Apple Games Features Commander: Europe At War
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Apple Games latest feature takes readers to the battlefields of World War II in a review of Slitherine and Freeverse's Commander: Europe at War. The strategy game allows players to take the side of either Axis or Allies. Apple's article provides an overview of the game's features as well as a brief history of the war.

The game map covers a large section of the world, from the United Statesí Eastern seaboard to the Soviet Unionís Ural Mountains, with Scandinavia and Africa bracketing the geography in the north and south, respectively. Twelve types of units, from infantry and tanks to destroyers and subs, await your commands each turn. Before you engage a battle, you can survey the odds, which are based on not only unit strength but also terrain, morale, training, equipment, and other realistic factors.

Specific units gain strength as they win battles, allowing you to assemble your favorite ones into a formidable army. In addition, you can upgrade your units by directing your countriesí research in five different areas, with 15 inventions, such as better ground attacks and enhanced strategic operations, to discover.

Opposing nations must surrender when the other side occupies their capitals, except the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, which each have two capitals. At the conclusion of the war, the winner is the side that controls the most capitals ó to earn a Major Victory, you must conquer all of the oppositionís capitals before then.
The full feature article is available at the link below.

Commander: Europe at War

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