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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

GameShark has recently posted a review of the PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The game is an online multi-player, team-based shooter that takes players back in time to the Strogg invasion of Earth, the catalyst for the Quake series. The forces of Earth will face off against the evil Strogg in a violent struggle for survival, giving players the chance to aid either side in the battle for dominion of the planet. Calling the game "one of the best multiplayer team-based shooters ever made," GameShark gave ETQW a letter grade of A.

There are three types of gameplay that can be played on or offline: Stopwatch, Objective and the most popular one being Campaign. In this mode, there are three rounds played, each a different city or location. As each round starts, the goals are clearly outlined and will range from stopping the Strogg from destroying or capturing facilities trying to destroy what the Strogg have already created. Although there are many mission objectives though out each fight, just about every battle will eventually end up being a stand and defend or rush and attack in one way or another. Although each battle will start out in a vast and open battleground, many will become enclosed battles as you need to head inside buildings and compounds to achieve certain mission goals.

Since the maps are so large, having to run from one side to the other would take all day. Thankfully there are numerous vehicles on both sides of the war to greatly aid your aching feet for getting you and your team mates from base to battle, not to mention the firepower most of them pack. The Strogg Cyclops is a menacing ‘mech behemoth to fight as is the GDF Titan tank, but vehicles like the four wheeled Husky, although it will get you to the fight faster, is pretty much useless in the actual fight – unless vehicular homicide is your specialty. There is a large variety of vehicles to choose from and they never seem to be in short supply with at least one variety always waiting to be taken into combat. However if you find yourself playing single player with the less than brilliant bots, you may want to make a bee line for a vehicle quick since your team mates don’t care to wait around for you and are off into the closest vehicle in the blink of an eye.
The Mac version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is still in progress at Aspyr Media. The full review is available at the website below.

Game Shark: ETQW Review
Aspyr Media
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Buy Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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