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Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Phase Released For iPod
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

With the release of version 7.5 of iTunes, Apple has also made a new iPod game available. Created by the makers of Guitar Hero, Phase allows players to enjoy an interactive game while listening to their music collections. Using the click wheel to keep up with the rhythm of the music, players catch colorful music notes in a fashion similar to Guitar Hero and other rhythm games.

With the installation of iTunes 7.5, a new playlist has been created, called Phase Music. You simply drag and drop the songs you want to listen to while you play Phase into that playlist, and iTunes will automatically create the gameplay information for these songs. When you sync the playlist to the iPod, that acts as the soundtrack for the game.

In Phase, itís your goal to catch colored music notes by pressing the left, center and right buttons as the notes reach their targets. Itís the same basic gameplay concept thatís powered previous Harmonix-developed hit games such as Guitar Hero and FreQuency. Occasionally flowing sweeps appear, and you have to slide your finger across the Click Wheel to catch them. You can max out your streak multiplier and capture all parts of sweeps and specially-colored bonus phrases for additional points, collecting stars along the way. Collect enough stars and youíll make it through checkpoints in songs. If you fail to earn green stars at the checkpoint, you lose hearts ó lose enough hearts and itís game over.
Phase for iPod costs $4.99 and is available from the iTunes Store. To learn more about the game check out the links provided below.

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