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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Creator Of Tetris Talks Blocks
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamespot has posted a new interview with Alexey Pajitnov about the success of Tetris, a game which has spawned thousands of imitators over the years and entertained millions of fans across the globe. The Q&A covers topics related to Pajitnov's legendary game as well as his other gaming projects.

Have you ever felt it was a burden because any game you produce after Tetris will be judged against it?
You're right. When I first came to the US, those first two years, I tried to beat myself and create something better than that, and that was a very hard time because I couldn't do it. So then I just decided to stop thinking about that and just go ahead and design what I wanted to do.

Is it true there's a Tetris bible for developers?
Yes. I was very much involved in this. I was part of the team that wrote the original document. We got very tired of the variety of different versions of the game in the world, and players were complaining that some of the versions didn't work the way they were supposed to--for instance, they could get a really high score on one game, but not do well on another. So we decided to make a list of the specifications.

Have you ever considered making a different genre game rather than puzzles?
Yeah, actually I tried to do different games, actually I was very desperate to do something else, but then I realized that what I am good at is puzzles. And I am okay, probably, with the other stuff. So, why bother? There are lots of really good designers of adventure games out there. I would rather exploit my stronger points. Our attempt to make a kind of shoot-'em-up game failed completely. Oh, my goodness. That was in 1994, I believe, and the game called Ice and Fire. So, hopefully, nobody played this game. [Laughs.]

The full interview is available at the site below.

Gamespot: Tetris Creator Q&A

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