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Monday, December 4, 2000

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Rune Ships for Mac
10:23 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Human Head Studios and Gathering of Developers have announced that the Macintosh version of their Viking action game Rune is now shipping. Thanks to the speedy work of Westlake Interactive, Mac users can now play this acclaimed title over a month after the PC version shipped. Here are excerpts from the press release:

Rune Storms its Way Onto the Macintosh

Viking-Inspired 3D Action Mac Game Ships to Stores Nationwide

Dallas, TX, December 04, 2000 - Game developer Human Head Studios

today that the Macintosh version of Rune TM, its Norse
mythology-inspired 3D

action-adventure game, has shipped to stores nationwide. Rune
utilizes an

enhanced version of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament game engine and

amazingly life-like animations, a detailed weapon system and a unique

system. The Macintosh version was co-developed with Mac specialists at

Interactive. Published by developer-driven computer and video game

Gathering of Developers and distributed by Take-Two Interactive,
Rune is

available for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

"Mac gamers have been looking forward to the release of Rune since we

announced its development," said Tim Gerritsen, business development
director of

Human Head Studios. "Westlake has done a tremendous job of bringing Rune to

Mac and we are very excited to deliver the game to the loyal Mac


Steeped in a blend of Norse mythology and high-fantasy, Rune transports

into the Dark Ages and recreates a period in history when the Vikings were

conquerors of a cold, dismal world, characterized by savagery, stark

and the sword. Rune places gamers in the role of Ragnar, a rugged young

warrior, who is challenged to fight off creatures from Nordic mythology

uncover an evil perpetrator who is annihilating the Viking population.

Rune for the Macintosh Features Include:

  • 43 single player levels.
  • 15 unique weapons including swords, axes and bashing weapons each with
    own unique magic power that can be unlocked during play.
  • Enhanced version of the Unreal Tournament engine which supports a
    animation system, a new particle effects system, new melee combat
    focused Artificial Intelligence (AI), an improved version of the
    Unreal Editor and an enhanced shadowing system.
  • Multiplayer DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch modes.
  • 21 different multiplayer characters for players to choose and use.
  • Seven custom-built multiplayer levels.
  • Five multiplayer mutator modes, including Low Gravity, No PowerUps,
    Reduced Damage, and Left-Handed.

  • Customizable maplists and rule settings.
  • Dozens of awesome creatures, each with their own custom AI created from
    mixture of Viking mythology and the minds of Human Head Studios.
  • Intuitive combat system allows player to alter types of attacks, take
    weapons from their defeated opponents and use their enemies'
    limbs as weapons.
  • Visual inventory system and on-screen weapons display allows the
    to see available weapons at a glance.
  • Five distinctly different settings ranging from a Mountain Fortress, to
    Deepest Cavern to the pits of Hell's domain.
  • So if you've already preordered, you can expect to see your copy arrive very soon. A demo of Rune should be out later this week, so be sure to stay tuned to IMG and Macgamefiles for its announcement.

    Gathering of Developers
    Rune Preview
    Gathering of Developers
    Human Head Studios
    Westlake Interactive

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