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Friday, October 5, 2007
MacWorld's Take on Recent Interview With Valve
6:00 AM | Evan Holt | Comment on this story

MacWorld's Peter Cohen has written an excellent follow-up piece to the recent interview between Valve's Co-Founder, Gabe Newell and the gaming web site Kikizo. We featured this interview earlier this week which you can read by following the link below, that has led to a fair amount of attention from numerous Mac web sites and forums.

Peter Cohen provides a thorough account of what has transpired with Valve and Mac gaming and his own input in to the matter.

Thereís a lot of truth in what Newell is saying, and itís things that Iíve said and alluded to frequently over the years. Apple definitely doesnít ďgetĒ gaming, at least not in the same way that Microsoft does. Whether you think thatís a benefit or a detriment for Apple all depends on how much you like to play games in your spare time, I suppose.

But to say thatís why Valve isnít on this platform is a load of horse-hockey, as far as Iím concerned. Valveís absence on the Macintosh ultimately has very little to do with Appleís gaming strategy, and everything to do with money.

Follow the link below to the full article at MacWorld.

MacWorld: Half-Life's maker isn't serious about the Mac
IMG: Valve Interview Explores Why There Is No Mac Half-Life

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