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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Gears Of War Q&A
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

A new interview from features comments from Epic's Cliff Bleszinski about the PC version of Gears of War. The Q&A covers a variety of topics related to the game including new content for the PC, the importance of pacing, and the challenge of introducing mouse and keyboard controls to the game.

Bit-tech: With the new chapters, have you added any gameplay elements specifically with the PC in mind?

CliffyB: No, what we did was try to remain very consistent with all of the design paradigms of what we did on the 360. What we actually wound up doing behind the scenes was having a lot of little tweaks to make sure that the player wasn't too empowered with the keyboard and mouse, playing with things such as accuracy and kick of the weapon and things like that, because we wanted to keep the Gears pacing. We didn't want the game to devolve into how quickly can I get one pixel on another pixel, because that's really not what the game is about, the game's about the pacing of taking cover and gauging your damage meter, knowing when to move, knowing how to blind fire and throw grenadesâ€|we didn't want to fundamentally f*** with the core loop of the game.

Bit-tech: Did you find it difficult to maintain the original feel and pace of the game when developing the PC version of the game?

CliffyB: Well, Gears was very much designed around establishing this core combat loop of take cover and take out your enemy, throwing grenades at them and the emergence holes, and then suddenly start playing with that formula. Then, what we did with the original was one was start introducing giant monsters, going underground and Wretches and different combat scenarios, such as suddenly it's dark out, the Kryll are there and you have to deal with that while you're dealing with the regular combat.

What we've wound up doing with this section [the new chapters] is having this great grinder of combat, but all book ended with this beast that's harassing you the entire time. So, there's one section where the player is underneath the bridge and The Brumak is above, beating on the bridge; there's another section where the player is trapped in a theatre while The Brumak is approaching on the bridge and you have no idea how you're going to stop it, and he just keeps on making these appearances, reminding you that he's there, reminding you that his presence is felt - which is what I like to call "Monster Foreplay" - and eventually culminating in this battle sequence where you have to deal with him and figure out how to take him out.

In July Epic announced that Gears of War would be coming to the Mac platform as well.

Check out the full article at the link below. Gears Of War Q&A
Gears of War

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