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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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The Broken Hourglass Races Revealed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Planewalker Games has updated its website with new information about the company's upcoming RPG, The Broken Hourglass. The latest update explains how race impacts a character's stats and abilities by breaking down the five non-human races and explaining the different bonuses and penalties enjoyed (and suffered) by each.

There are six different racial profiles for characters in The Broken Hourglass. Humans make up the majority of the population in most Tolmiran territories. Mixed in with their society are the Illuminated, the Feyborn (half-elven, half-human), and three different cultural spinoffs of the old Ilvari race: assimilated elves, Cella, and the Verai.

Mechanically, races in The Broken Hourglass are assumed to have a net value of zero—that is, the total magnitude of the positives on a creature's expected challenge should be completely offset by the total magnitude of the negatives. To keep the accounting simpler and more obvious, humans, as the dominant race of the realm, are given no racial bonuses or penalties to any statistic. Most of the other races have a bonus to one of the four primary attributes (Strength, Agility, Toughness, Judgment) as well as a penalty to another, and various modifiers to secondary skills and abilities. Some races receive traits as part of their racial makeup.
Click over to the site below to read more about the races of The Broken Hourglass.

The Broken Hourglass: Rules and Mechanics, Character Races
The Broken Hourglass

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